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    HIGH-PRECISION VISUALODOMETER Specifically designed for developers, the High-Precision Visual Odometer measures the velocity of the Guidance to an accuracy of within centimeters. This includes the measurements of how the Guidance moves in the local environment. It enables developers to build customized applications on all kinds of intelligent robots. Outputs rich sensor data, including ultrasonic sensors, images and IMU readings. These are provided on demand, enabling developers to explore unlimited usage of Guidance in different areas. 3D SENSING People can program their own application to get information from the Guidance, which can sense the 3D world by calculating the dense depth images in real-time. The depth of most pixels in the field of view are depicted to an accuracy of within a few centimeters. This gives Guidance the capability to interact with the real world, and enables developers to build all kinds of customized 3D applications. OBSTACLE SENSING IN EVERY DIRECTION When used with a DJI flight controller, Guidance can tell your flight system to automatically avoid a collision, even at high speeds. Guidance continuously scans the nearby environment and detects obstacles by vision and ultrasonic sensors in real-time. With these vision sensors, a large variety of obstacles are sensed with high accuracy at a long range, and ultrasonic sensors work together with these vision sensors to identify harder-to-detect objects such as glass and tree leaves. MULTI-SENSOR FUSION Data from all five Guidance sensors is fused automatically. Guidance automatically selects monocular or stereo vision algorithms to achieve the best performance for positioning. This means if there is an insufficiency of information from one direction, it does not affect the whole system. HIGH-PRECISION VISION POSITIONING SYSTEM For a flying system, such as the Matrice 100, Guidance achieves vision positioning without GPS. Even when flying at high speeds, Guidance provides high-precision positioning information over almost any terrain with an accuracy of a few centimeters. HIGHLY POWERFUL COMPUTATIONAL PLATFORM The highly powerful computational platform consists of sophisticated technology, such as various FPGA-based hardware acceleration modules and two ARM Cortex-A9 cores. This enables the Guidance system to process videos from ten cameras in real-time and reconfigurable for future updates.
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